Dutch contribution to the Bitcoin (BTC) industry in 2020

Over the past year, a lot has been done and built on the Bitcoin protocol. In the direction of the turn of the year, it is time to look back at the Dutch input in this industry.

Starting with the development of the protocol itself. Because Bitcoin Core also contains a touch of Dutch input. Wladimir J. van der Laan has been the Lead Maintainer of the Bitcoin repo since 2014. His salary is paid by MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative. Sjors Provoost is also active as a developer as one of almost 800 contributors. In terms of commits, he is on the 26th spot.

Furthermore, Joost Jager has also received high praise in the industry over the past year. He did not do this so much around Bitcoin Core, but worked at Lightning Labs on the implementation of the scalability solution.

Currently, Jager is working at BottlePay, an app of British origin. From Jager’s top hat came in 2020 the idea of Whatsat (a chat service via Lightning), TLVshop and also the Firewall to mitigate problems with routing and payment channels, but his contribution to the Lightning ecosystem of course goes far beyond that.
A third noteworthy project that was given wings in 2020 was Stekking. The project was started by Leon (who was already a guest at Hup Bitcoin) and added Ruben Waterman (of former GetBittr) to the team during the year.

Stekking is a platform that gives users satbacks for online purchases. If you go to your webshop via the website, you can get back up to a few percent of the purchase amount of satoshi. You can claim these sats via the Lightning Network – free and instant. A perfect way to introduce people to Lightning and the stacking, ehmm, of sats.

Another iniative has been set up by BitcoinBram. He saw that a lot of Lightning Games came on the market, but that the link with ‚the big money‘ and the AAA games was still very difficult. That’s why he didn’t wait for Bitcoin to be embraced by this industry, but did it exactly the other way around. Bram brought Lightning to these games.

HangarSix organises competitions for Call Of Duty Warzone gamers. However, it has added an extra financial incentive to their gameplay. The gamers who compete on HangarSix can get Bitcoin paid directly through the Lightning Network. Another way to stack sats!

A special appointment goes out to klukluk, who has been a guest in our Hup Bitcoin podcast several times. He has built several tools and bots over the past year:

Starting with Bitcoin: First of all he already recorded 30 episodes of his new podcast ’starting with bitcoin‘. All the basics come through here: wallets, addresses, storage and so on.
Lightning Pool Orders: furthermore, he was one of the testers of Pool and built a bot that showed when orders were matched on the liquidity market for Lightning. It gave an insight into the price development of this new market.

Lightning Watch: also for Telegram bots was a great deal of work. For example, he made a bot that gives a notification via the messaging service if someone’s/your Lightning Node went offline. Usually you didn’t realise this yourself, as you don’t constantly look in the Lightning wallet or at the payment channels.
LN count: he also charted the Dutch Lightning users in a graph with all payment channels.

Trade fairs and brokers
Needless to say, there have also been a number of small companies that have been busy unboarding people over the past year. The various brokers exchanges – too many to mention – have had a difficult year due to the regulatory pressure imposed by the Dutch Central Bank.

Nevertheless, they contribute enormously to the adoption of the network and ecosystem. Go Bitcoin companies!

Finally, an important aspect of Bitcoin’s education will again be in 2020. Technology is racing on, developments are not standing still and this difficult and unfamiliar subject needs a lot of interpretation. A special mention for it:

The Bitcoin Show, with Boris, Jan-Willem and Aaron who, in their own well-informed way, enthuses the community with news and backgrounds.
Satoshi Radio, a podcast host Bart Mol and the Slagter brothers (van LekkerCryptisch) who – together with former Wijnand Luitjes – go through the latest developments every week.
CryptoCast, a show by BNR with Madelon Vos and Herbert Blankesteijn in which they go through news with special guests,
Starting with Bitcoin, explaining the basics, told in a monologue by klukluk.
Madelon Vos, who on YouTube takes the viewer into macro-economy.
We also have a podcast ourselves: the Hup Bitcoin podcast can be found hererr.